Immigration PR Visa Consultant

If you desire to settle down in a foreign country of your choice, such as Canada, USA, UK and New Zealand, you must at first procure a residence visa. There are two types of PR visas that Adams Global help you to procure:


Permanent Visa (PR Visa)

PR visa is nothing but Permanent Residence Visa given by government to foreign professionals such as Engineers, IT professionals, Health care specialists, etc. PR visa is also handed to investors upon investment in Real Estates, bonds, infrastructure projects.

Temporary Visa (TRP Visa)

TRP or Temporary Residence Permit is granted to people who in normal circumstances cannot be granted entry to the country. They are allowed entry for a limited amount of time on special purposes like seeing family, attending weddings, funerals, or excursions, touring the country or business purposes like attending meetings, or conferences. TRP is also given to those who are awaiting processing of a sponsorship application.